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Sentinel LDK
Out-Of-The-Box solution for Software Protection, Licensing, and Entitlement Management System 

Software Monetization means the adoption of any variety of measures a software company takes in order to increase the profitability of their intellectual property.

The Sentinel Software Monetization portfolio is the most trusted brand of solutions for helping technology companies protect, manage and monetize their software 
offerings – whether they are offered from the cloud, embedded in hardware, or installed on premise. Our solutions address each and every aspect of the software monetization lifecycle – from copy and intellectual property protection to business model flexibility and ongoing to usage tracking and end-user experience improvement. 

Sentinel is the only complete portfolio of software licensing and entitlement management solutions to enable monetization of any type of software using any combination of software delivery models to any end-user device.

With Sentinel LDK, you can easily:
  • Protect your software from IP theft, tampering, and reverse engineering.
  • Create various business models ranging from perpetual, time-based models to usage based and subscription models.
  • Distribute a secure, controlled demo version of your software products and increase revenue by turning your “tryers to buyers”.
  • Create a hardware fingerprint from the end user’s hardware to bind the license to the specific device and prevent piracy.
  • Enable secure remote entitlement activations, renewals, re-host, upgrade and manage all software licenses on a single platform. 

Sentinel LDK product options:
  Sentinel HL Series

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